Pastoral Perspectives

Oratorian pastoral care flows from the theological, spiritual and cultural riches of the liturgy, especially the Mass. At the Toronto Oratory we strive to let the fulness of the liturgy speak by celebrating both the revised and the traditional forms of the Roman Rite.

We extend this liturgical spirit through a characteristically Oratorian emphasis on confession and spiritual direction. Here what is celebrated in the Mass takes root and unfolds in people’s lives.

In addition to chaplaincies in four schools, two local hospitals and several nursing homes, we also engage in St Philip’s apostolate of formation in faith and Christian community, including an annual two-week Summer School, evenings of lectures and discussion throughout the year, days of recollection in Lent and Advent, and on-going courses of sacramental preparation and catechesis.

With an Oratorian care for the formation of young minds and hearts, members of the community also teach theology in Jamaica and political philosophy in Slovakia, take groups of students to work among the poor in the developing world, lead annual pilgrimages to Catholic sites in Europe and regularly accompany groups to World Youth Day.

Our Oratorian community links the desire for God with a love of learning. Toronto Fathers have published books dealing with Trinitarian, liturgical and spiritual theology, as well as Catholic history and literature.