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The Oratory Of St. Philip Neri

Toronto Ontario Canada


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The first Oratory, founded by Saint Philip Neri in Rome, received papal recognition in 1575.  In the early 1970s, Fr Jonathan Robinson, at that time a priest of the Archdiocese of Montreal, gathered together several young men to live together as a pious community under the patronage and inspiration of Saint Philip. On the first of November 1975 (Solemnity of All Saints), the Holy See gave its approval to this community and thereby erected the Montreal Oratory.



A few years later, in 1979, the Apostolic Visitor of the Oratory recommended that the Oratory be transplanted to Toronto.  At the invitation of Cardinal Carter, the Oratory moved to Toronto and was put in charge of Holy Family Church where it remains to this day. In addition to Holy Family, in 1995 the Oratory was also entrusted with the parish of Saint Vincent de Paul, about two kilometers away
But the parishes, as challenging as they may be, are just one of the Apostolates of the Oratory.  The common life, in which prayer is central, is the prime focus of Oratorian spirituality.  All the Fathers and Brothers live together in a complex of buildings beside Holy Family Church, and this makes it possible for us to follow a regular religious life.  We have two half-hour periods of mental prayer before the Blessed Sacrament five days a week, breakfast in silence and the evening meal with formal reading, as well as other traditional practices. It is here that the Fathers and Brothers find their bearings and strength to carry on works that we hope are consonant with the tradition passed on to us by Saint Philip.
This web site gives information about our various apostolates, so there is no need to repeat the information given on other pages except to put it in context. The parishes give us scope to try to keep alive the Oratorian tradition of reverent liturgy and popular devotions supported by a serious music program. We get a chance to serve the old in several nursing homes throughout our parishes and the young in several schools. We are responsible for the spiritual care of Catholics in the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, and we also help out with the administration of sacraments in Saint Joseph’s Hospital, both of which are in our two parishes. It is in the parishes too that we encounter many zealous lay people who are eager to spread the Gospel through various apostolates and groups and who look to us for guidance.


In addition to the two parishes, we serve the Church beyond our immediate neighbourhood by contributing to the education of future priests through Saint Philip’s Seminary. We also try to make Saint Philip’s way known and appreciated through Evenings at the Oratory and through special days of recollection for families.  Finally, we try to imitate Saint Philip’s apostolate of the confessional and spiritual direction.


It is our hope that this web site will help you to come to know us in person, or rather not us but Saint Philip, who was ever encouraging his spiritual sons to love to be unknown – amare nesciri.