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Aloysius (Luigi) Scrosoppi (1804-1884) did not spend most of his long life as an Oratorian, but that was because political upheavals on more than one occasion suppressed the Oratory in Udine, his native city in the north-east of Italy. He is the founder of the Sisters of Providence, whose work it was to help orphans. These sisters are now active in many parts of the world. But the miracle which paved the way for his canonization was in favour of an Oratorian novice in South Africa who was dying of AIDS. Details of his life and canonization can be found at the links below.  His feast day is October 5.
  • The Luigi Scrosoppi Web Site: This site has a fairly detailed life of the Saint in various languages including English. It also contains information about the Sisters of Providence, but only in Italian.
  • The miracle that paved the way for his canonization
  • A short life on the official Vatican web site
  • A short life of Saint Luigi as found on the Oxford Oratory site
  • Information about the Sisters of Providence