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The Map Year

St. Philip's Seminary

Perspectives on theology - philosophical & humanistic

for Seminarians

Introducing the Map Year

What a map provides above all is connectedness.






“In a strange city, when we have no map …”

Confronting the disconnect



“… be above your knowledge, not under it.”

Overcoming the disconnect

St Philip’s Seminary

An apostolate of the Toronto Oratory


The Philosophy Division of St Philip’s Seminary was founded in 1986, at the request of Gerald Emmett Cardinal Carter, to provide for the philosophical preparation of seminarians for the Archdiocese of Toronto. In 1988 a residential program was made available to seminarians from other dioceses and religious communities, providing intellectual training and spiritual formation. Over 150 graduates have been ordained to the priesthood.

St. Philip's Seminary

St Philip’s Seminary is an apostolate of the Toronto Oratory. It has been authorized to grant degrees by the province of Ontario.  It accepts students for the priesthood who are sponsored by their diocese or by their religious order.  Should you have any questions related to our programs or areas of study please contact us.

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