Formation in the Faith

At St Philip’s Seminary our goal is to form seminarians for the Church who have developed ways of understanding and articulating the faith, drawing upon a wide range of the intellectual and cultural resources available to the Catholic tradition. Courses based in the classical Christian synthesis of Aquinas are complemented by explorations of the history of philosophy, literary studies, the philosophical background to twentieth century Catholic theology and by seminars examining specific texts and topics in greater depth.

Besides intellectual formation our seminarians also receive spiritual and human formation—through retreats, regular conferences and spiritual direction, their involvement in our parish work and, more widely, the personal relationships built up by daily familiar interaction.

Our seminarians have come to us from dioceses in Ontario, from further afield in Canada, from Dioceses and religious congregations in the US and throughout the world, as well as students from other Oratorian communities in America, Europe, South Africa and Australia.

Over the last thirty years, more than 530 students have passed though our classrooms, and 190 have been ordained to the priesthood.

Fees for studying at St Philip’s are kept deliberately low, so that in effect every student attends on scholarship.