Let us take another instance, of an outward and earthly form, or economy, under which great wonders unknown seem to be typified; I mean musical sounds…they have escaped from some higher sphere; they are the outpourings of eternal harmony in the medium of created sound; they are echoes from our home; they are the voice of angels, or the Magnificat of saints, or the living laws of divine governance, or the divine attributes; something are they besides themselves, which we cannot compass, which we cannot utter…

(St John Henry Newman The Theory of Developments in Religious Doctrines 1843)

The St. Vincent de Paul Choir provides the chant for the 11:00 a.m. Sung English Mass on Sundays.

Singers interested in joining the St Vincent de Paul Parish Choir should contact Peter Bishop at 416-535-5119 or at [email protected] for an audition. Basic ability to read music required.