Map Year

The shape of Catholic theology in the twentieth century, before and after Vatican II, was decisively influenced by the retrieval of patristic thought and new readings of St Thomas Aquinas and other scholastic theologians. This retrieval of the riches of Catholic tradition was aroused in part by an awakening to the capacity of modern philosophy to illuminate and deepen the appropriation and handing-on of the gospel in our times. The convergence of classical formulations of Christian doctrine with the philosophic spirit of modernity provides a model for the dialogue between the Catholic faith and the historical conditions of its reception. From this dialogue the seminarian will attain an intensified understanding of what it means to affirm that Catholic truth is truly Catholic, that is, universal and capable of taking root and expanding in diverse philosophical and cultural idioms.

The Map Year, dedicated to exploring Catholicity in this sense, has its own website which introduces this unique program in greater depth. You can get more information by calling the Dean Fr Paul Pearson at 416-532-2879, or by sending an e-mail to the Seminary. Download the Application Form here.