Renovatio Building Project – Final Phase

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With spring upon us, construction and exterior stonework can now continue. Thankfully, the seasonal delays have not affected the new building coming into use: seminarians have moved in and teaching has been underway in the classrooms. And both classes and parish groups have been making use of our new classroom technology enabling us to reach participants abroad, including in the US, UK and France. In addition artwork has begun to grace the new environment: there are scenes from the life of St Philip, painted by our own Br Ted, and a statue of St Catherine of Siena.

We hope to have an official and public blessing of the building in the summer, when landscaping and masonry are complete. We’ll send out details about this event as soon as they are finalized. We would love for you to be there in person. Please do continue to keep the timely completion of the entire project in your prayers.

Seminarians pose for an image in the new classroom.
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