The Toronto Oratory is the largest of the dozen or so Anglophone Oratories worldwide. Assisted by the prayers and support of our friends in Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Australia, we are a vibrant community of priests and brothers dedicated to building up the Mystical Body of Christ which is the Church.

We have the care of two parishes – Holy Family, where the Oratory is located, and the neighbouring parish of St Vincent de Paul. We have also founded and developed St Philip’s Seminary, which offers a full curriculum of studies in philosophy and theology to seminarians from Canada and throughout the English-speaking world, and has come to be a major undertaking in our service of the Church.

In order to sustain and expand the works of the Oratory, we have kickstarted a major fundraising campaign with a twofold goal. First, to provide needed renovation and reconstruction of our Seminary. Second, to build an endowment that will enable us to meet the challenges and ensure the expansion of our Oratorian pastoral and intellectual apostolates.