3 new members aggregated to the community, 1 new novice clothed in the habit

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It is not by the enthusiasm of the multitude, or by political violence, – it is not by powerful declamation, or by railing at authorities, that the foundations are laid of religious works. It is not by sudden popularity, or by strong resolves, and demonstrations, or by romantic incidents, or by immediate successes, that undertakings commence which are to last. I do not say, that to be roused, even for a moment, from the dream of sin, to repent and be absolved, even though a relapse follow it, is a slight gain…Still…[bring] to mind that passage in sacred history, where the Almighty displayed His presence to Elias on Mount Horeb. ‘The Lord was not in the wind’, nor ‘in the earthquake’, nor ‘in the fire’; but after the fire came ‘the whisper of a gentle air’.    

From John Henry Newman, ‘The Mission of St Philip Neri’ (1850)

On the solemnity of the Assumption, three novices completed their novitiate and became Triennial members of the Congregation: Brothers Jason Flammini, Alexander Griffiths, and Christopher Huynh.  During the same ceremony, Brother Carter West was clothed in the habit of Saint Philip Neri and so began his novitiate.