Clothing of Bruno Hegedüs

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…He resolved to create me, such as I am…Unnumbered possible creatures, which God saw when He chose me, He left to remain in their nothingness…They might have been higher, holier, and more interesting. But there was some nameless thing about me that He preferred…It was just me, with my individual peculiarities, the size, shape, fashion, and way of my particular, single, unmated soul, which in the calmness of His eternal predilection drew Him to create me…This is the profession of faith which each of us should make in our hearts. I cannot tell how men endure life, who do not profess this faith in the Creator’s special love.

Fr Frederick W Faber, ‘All Men Have a Special Vocation’, from Spiritual Conferences (1858)

On the feast of St Bruno, October 6, Br Bruno Hegedüs (formerly Daniel) was clothed in the habit of St Philip and thus began his noviciate at the Toronto Oratory.