“The Story of a Toronto Church” – the construction of St Vincent de Paul Parish

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Although St Vincent de Paul Parish was begun in 1914, and the cornerstone of the church was laid in 1915, the upper part of the church was not built until 1923.  For seven years the parishioners worshipped God in what Fr Lancelot Minehan, the first pastor, calls ‘the basement church’ in a little booklet, “The Story of a Toronto Church.” This account of the building of the church first appeared as articles in the Catholic Register, and then was put together into this booklet.  Fr Minehan was one of the most popular speakers in Toronto in his day, which is clearly seen from the charm and humour and feistiness of his writing. 

September 16, 1923 was the day of the Dedication of the Church.  This presentation of Fr Minehan’s booklet can be the first thing to mark this 100th anniversary year.

The booklet can be viewed here.

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