How to Join

The simplest way to explore a possible vocation with the Toronto Oratory is to pay us a visit. Typically, you would write to the Superior, Fr Paul Pearson, introducing yourself, saying something, perhaps, about what has led you to think the Toronto Oratory might be the place God is calling you to be, and asking to come to stay. An initial visit could be for a few days, during which time you will have the chance to share our life, and of course speak with us individually. If you and we think the idea of your vocation here worth pursuing, there might follow a few similar visits, leading, if everyone thinks it right, to a month of postulancy. After that, a final decision will be reached, by you and by us, whether you should be clothed in the habit of St Philip and enter the novitiate.

The Oratorian novitiate is three years in duration. The first year is a “quiet year,” spent in the house, engaged in private reflection, sacristy work, domestic chores, and studies introductory to St Philip and the Oratory. Latin or Greek lessons are available as necessary. At the end of the “quiet year,” the novice’s desire and suitability for life in the Toronto Oratory is explicitly re-considered. Those who enter the second two years of novitiate begin studies in philosophy or theology at St Philip’s Seminary. When the three years of the novitiate have elapsed, the novice’s status is again reviewed. At this point, the novice may be “aggregated” to the Toronto Oratory and assume more of the rights and duties of full membership.

To contact the Provost of the Toronto Oratory:

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